Deli 2 Metal Hole Punch E0101

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Hole Punch

Deli 2 Metal Hole Punch E0101

  • Product Code: DELI-0101
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  • $3.80
  • All-metal punch tip ensures great penetration and durability
  • Lock system design for convenient storage
  • Adjustable ruler for accurate punching
  • Flexible rivets for easy punching
  • Pop colour design to personalized your working and personal life


Size: 10 sheets, 80mm, Φ6mm
Material: SPCC Metal cover + LDPE base
Colour: Blue, grey
Packaging: Box
Spec. 1: Hole distance:80mm
Spec. 2: Hole diameter:Φ6mm
Spec. 3: Includes ruler
Note: Colour issued at random