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Being one of the leading file manufacturers in Singapore with over 40 years, we are the Only ISO Member in the file manufacturer industry in Singapore.
As one of the leading file manufacturer in Singapore, we are providing a product under brand “Seaking“, wherever is a well-known office file brand in Singapore for its quality and innovation.

A large variety of products are customized according to our customer’s specific needs and instructions.
Seaking products that are distributed worldwide includes Japan, India, Asia, etc. And during these past years, Seaking has been supplying to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Maldives, Australia, Sri Lanka as well as Papua New Guinea.

Seaking also obtained the credential of ISO 9001:2000 since 2004.

we are committed to training and developing our employees towards meeting all our customers' needs and achieving total satisfaction with our products as one of the leading file manufacturer in Singapore.

And also we are trying to be the best provider of office file in Singapore

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